Dr Vranjes

Linen Spray - Ambra

19 OMR

Linen Spray 250ml
The 250ml scented Fabric Spray allows you to quickly freshen your clothes as many times as you want, wherever you want. Just spray the fabric fragrance to give a lasting and delightful freshness. Alcohol-free, does not stain.

Available in four exclusive scents created by Maestro Paolo Vranjes. You can choose between the fascinating, oriental Ambra, the energizing Ginger Lime, the citrusy notes of Aria, the freshness of Green Flowers, and the flowery elegance of Magnolia Orchidea.


Linen Line


Spray 250ml / 8,5 fl oz

Base (Ø) x height (cm): 5x19


Spray 250ml

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