Karaja Italy

Eye and Brow Basic

11.200 OMR



  •  A tinted wax to intensify your brows in a natural way.
  • Can be used alone or as a base to give long lasting  fix to powder  eye shadows.
  •  Three powders to draw, define and fill in the sparse  areas  of the brows.
  • Three durable stencils, easy to clean and designed to last.
  •  Ideal for full and natural looking brows. Essential for   creating a clean and perfect  shape.

How to use:
For a natural effect, fill in and define the shape of your brows with the powders, using the lightest colors on the initial part of your brows and the darker ones on the final part.
For a more intense and long lasting effect, first apply the wax and then the powder, focusing on the sparser areas.

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