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Decorative Candle - Rosso Nobile

253 OMR
Decorative Candle Tormalina - Rosso Nobile

6000g Candle

The Tormalina-Rosso Nobile decorative candle is created from the fantastic union of prized tourmaline with Rosso Nobile, the most popular of the fragrances. A combination of highly scented and refined artistic craftsmanship to make the perfect decorative piece to adorn any space.

The decorative candle collection is created from the exclusive production technique that combines wax with pure scents and without adding solvents, therefore increasing the strength of the scent allowing it to be potent and long-lasting. Each Dr. Vranjes Firenze candle is unique and the glass is hand-blown and hand-decorated, therefore the slightly diverse markings that may occur show the seal of the craftsman. Choose the ideal solution for your spaces, available in 10 delectable combinations.


Scented candle

Candlewick nr.

6000 g / 212 oz: 10


Base Ø x Height

6000 g / 212 oz: 24x30 cm


6000 g / 212 oz: 23,5x23,5 - h 32 cm



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