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Decorative Candle - Oud Nobile

70 OMR
Decorative Candle Bronzo - Oud Nobile
1000g Candle

The Bronzo-Oud Nobile Candles adorn your spaces with the enigmatic mystery of the Orient. Art combined with expert craftsmanship work together to create these luxuriously fragrant scented candles. The exclusive production technique ensures the scent is potent and long-lasting.

The innovative scented candles are made with the highest quality waxes that are solvent and preservative free. The eco-wicks are made from pure cotton in order to prolong the elegant flame. The handmade glass takes on a distinctive design, inspired by the Duomo of Florence. Choose the ideal solution for your spaces, available in 8 delectable combinations.
Category Scented candle
Candlewick nr. 1000 g / 35 oz: 6
6000 g / 212 oz: 10
Dimensions Base Ø x Height
1000 g / 35 oz: 15x17 cm
6000 g / 212 oz: 24x30 cm
Packaging 1000 g / 35 oz: 15x15 - h 18,5 cm
6000 g / 212 oz: 23,5x23,5 - h 32 cm
Colour Bronze

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