Dr Vranjes

Decorative Candle Onice - Ambra

44 OMR
Decorative Candle

The elegant oriental scent of Ambra takes form in this Onice-Ambra decorative candle. Amber combines with onyx to create this refined and delectable scent. The glass is handmade and hand-decorated using expert artisan techniques. Excellence made in Florence.

The handmade glass takes on a distinctive design created by Dr Vranjes and inspired by the Duomo of Florence. Art and expert craftsmanship this collection of highly scented decorative candles using an exclusive production technique that uses the highest quality wax, without added solvents, therefore increasing the strength of the scent allowing it to be potent and long-lasting. Choose the ideal solution for your spaces, available in 10 delectable combinations.


Scented candle

Candlewick nr.

500 g / 18 oz: 4


Base Ø x Height

500 g / 18 oz: 12x12 cm


500 g / 18 oz: 12,3x12,3 - h 13 cm



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