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Ambra Diffuser Refill

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Ambra Refill 2,500ml in Aluminum Tank

The Dr. Vranjes Firenze home fragrance Refill ensures you will never be without your favorite scent. It can be used alone or to top up an existing fragrance. It also includes new sticks which are available depending on the choice of which iconic home fragrance diffuser vessel you use.

Our home fragrances are known for the enduring scent and lifespan. However, there are some tricks to make them last even longer. When buying, we recommend that you buy a refill of the same fragrance in order to maintain the level of liquid at the correct height. This way, you avoid increasing the amount of oxygen in the bottle which causes the evaporation speed to increase.

The fragrance refill is the same level of quality and intensity as the original product. When buying a fragrance, we always advise you to buy a refill and use it to top up the level of liquid to the correct height. The quantity of oxygen in the vessel affects evaporation speed, and keeping it topped-up will prolong its duration.


Oriental and enveloping




Woody fragrances


Diffuser refill


Base Ø x Height:


6x21 cm

Box Dimension:

6,5 x 6,5 - h 22 cm


Base Ø x Height:

11,5x29 cm

Useful Advice

Buy a refill of your fragrance and use it to keep the level of the liquid at the recommended height. The amount of oxygen in the bottle will affected the rate of evaporation

keep the fragrance away from heat sources

choose the bottle size proportionate to the area you wish to fragrance


500 ml

2500 ml


The Spiced Romantics



Fragrance Colour


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